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In today’s digital world, podcasts have been a great way to send a message across to millions of people all over the world. It is an easy setup and has addressed different topics to all gender and race. Podcasts have been on the rise since early 2000 and with its evolving nature has been considered a great tool for marketing and sharing other ideas online. Below are the 6 best female- hosted podcast in the UAE.



  • Kerning Cultures – Razan AlZayani and Hebah Fisher are the dynamic duos behind this great podcast. They explore different topics such as science, current affairs, history and culture in the UAE. Kerning culture podcast has 9 producers who give the half-hour show a great perspective and also increases their traffic by being diverse.



  • The learning curve – Nicholla Henderson Hall is the host behind this podcast. She took a hobby and turned it into a fulltime job. Nicholla’s podcast mostly centers on women entrepreneurs in the Middle East, the challenges they face and advice they would give to upcoming entrepreneurs who want to take up the same route. She interviews leading entrepreneurs on her podcasts and also recognizes their successes.



  • Happier with Gretchen Rubi – Gretchen Rubi and her sister Elizabeth craft are the powerful voices behind this podcast. The podcast is known for the positive energy it exudes as the duo tackle tips, tricks, and habits that reduce stress in an individual and increases positivity and happiness. They cover different areas of life from home, school, and work. The chemistry between the two sisters makes the podcast lively and warm to listen to.






  • Baby belly mom – Shereen Zarroug and Eleonora Fornelli are the powerful women behind this podcast. They are both childbirth specialists and are mothers to 3 children each. The two tackle topics on childbirth, breastfeeding, midwifery, emotional stress among other topics that nurturing mothers face. They share tips and tricks on how to make labor easier and also empower new moms and mom-to-be through the overwhelming process of motherhood.




  • Forward Talks – This podcast is hosted by Tatiana Antonelli Abella; she covers different topics in the sustainability of UAE by interviewing different game-changers on her show. She covers different topics such as fine dining, organic farming, neural fuel, and food waste. She shares different perspectives on different topics that affect the UAE in one way or another.




  • CSR of One – Courtney Brandt is the host behind this podcast. Courtney makes a weekly podcast, every Monday and her main focus is on charitable events and what drives busy entrepreneurs to take up charitable missions and give back to the community. She has interviewed guests with powerful stories and challenges every listener to do whatever they can to give back to the community and make a difference.


Podcasts hosted by women are on the rise, most have their own unique stories. As some touch on the lives of different people in society, others have realized the benefits of the podcast and are using it as a marketing tool.